Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I cry I laugh - simultaneous

Can Botox stunt your emotional expression?In situations that profoundly touch me, I am either ecstatically happy, or woefully depressed.  And the emotion I experience is based on how I perceive what has happened - yes?

Normal expects that, I should be sad after a tragedy, but can I be ecstatically happy too?  Normal expects that, I should be glad when something good has occurred, but can I be woefully miserable after good things have happened?

Who knows – depends on my perception right?

What about things that are a mix?  Things that create emotions that are simultaneously resident at both the extreme ends?  Things that are soo funny yet soo sad?  Or soo woeful horrible but yet hilarious?   Is that possible?

Things that strike me as comical but when I view and examine them from another perspective, think about them just a wee bit longer, send tears sliding from my eyes?

Things that are soo achy, that as my mental fingers fiddle and worry them, produce such a satisfying soreness that can only be contenting?

It happens sometimes.  I undergo such extreme emotions in one instance, or in such close instances, that it seems that the extremity of the emotion should cancel each other out?  Like a neutral point - between a positive and a negative?

Is a neutral emotion a midpoint emotion?  What is the midpoint of crying and laughing?  A midpoint of two extreme emotions?  Is it being unemotional?  Unfeeling?  No strong feelings?

What is the opposite of emotion?  What is the antonym of emotion?

Unemotion?  Unemotional?  Unemoting?  Emotionless?  Unfeeling?  Antifeeling? Emotionlessness?

Emotion RegulationWhat is the feeling of two extreme emotions in the same instance? Dual-emotion? Twin-emotion? Twofold-emotion? So, could I be a person who has dual-emotions?  A dual-emotional person?  A dual-emotioned person?

What if I add a third feeling?  A trio emotion causing situation?

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