Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I plan, God laughs

God says, “Remember I too have a sense of humour”.    

I pondered on this as I meditated on my hopes and aspirations.  Mentally ruminated over my needs and wants.  

I examined where I was right now.  As I wondered where I would be in the next now.  In the future.
I had an idea regarding how I got to where I was now.  

I knew it was through my past.  My history.  My moments joined together by one commonality.  Me.
I lived those moments. Active moments.  Action moments. 
Achieving goals.  In a plan.

Was there a plan?
I cannot remember a plan.
I think, that how I got to my now, might have been in the plan.  The big plan for my life. 
With goals. In the plan. 

Did I ever make a plan?  Or was it a figment of my imagination.
That big plan of my life.  That brought me to where I am right now.  That on this day, at this instance, I would be right here.

Had I lived according to that plan?  Had I got here by design?
Was that how it worked?  I do not know.

I know I am here.  I know He is here.
With me. And yet, He still is my goal.
Twaddling.  Boggling.  Niggling.

So I have a plan.  A real plan this time.  With fantastic design.  And goals.  With posts.  Or no posts.  Or no goals.  And no plan. 

My plan is to have no plan.

I have though. Love, Hope and Faith.  Trust and Grace.

I figure that, if needs He must laugh - a nice long cackle, I am glad to make His day.


Der mentsh trakht un Got lakht (Yiddish)=  man plans, God laughs (English)

Monday, 3 March 2014

Cruise on the Sahara

I met my special group of friends again.  Actually, we meet quite often.  But sometimes the meetings are flat and not noteworthy.  Sometimes, the group melds and a giddy lovely time is had by all.

We started off as usually quite mildly and sanely listening to the 80s soul music, remembering stars who were famous in years gone by, before even some of us were born.  Tina Tuner residing in Switzerland with her million dollar insured legs – I do not know that if that is fact or fiction.  Whitney Houston who could have insured her voice for similar amounts but instead got out of whack with crack.  Michael Jackson who was more famous than Shirley Temple.  In fact was world famous by 1969, never mind the world referred to excluded Italians, Kenyans and the People of the Lion Mountains (Sierra Leone).  Which led the conversation argumentatively on the definition of “world”, and whether one knows more about a place because they were born there, or because they lived there.  “Born there” won the word fight, because apparently generational knowledge is more than the knowledge you can gather just living in a place for many years.

There was a drizzle, so we could not leave.  We had another drink as we reminisced some more on the 80’s music.  Someone remembered they knew a young UB40 way back when.  And mentioned being hit on by a gay superstar on a flight, “he looked at me over his shades, and I know that come-on gay look”.  I have no idea how he knows the come-on gay look since he is categorically not gay.  And of course the nature versus political nurture of gayism conversation had to happen.  All in all a delightful evening.

Then the Sahara checked in.  It just did.  Just like before.  From out of nowhere.  There was an elephant, an earthquake, the lack of city planning, tilting apartment blocks next to rivers, inadequate sewer systems that will result in a geyser of excrement at some road junction, swamps, railway stations, governor’s mansion, underground rivers, and the largest river in the world that is underneath the Sahara.  What?  How did that slip in there? 

Someone ought to take that subject, tie it up, put it in a sack and throw it into the underground river running alongside the highway, cutting to the left under the swampy city, via the biggest roundabout in Africa and into the city river. 

Apparently it is a well known fact, (by a select few?) and this is despite no proof, that the largest river in the world flows under the Sahara.  Which led to all kinds of statements, arguments and disagreements.  Ending up with a fellow remarking as he left for the night, “I am going to google it”.  This, despite the consensus that not everything on google is fact and not all facts are on google.  On that we all were in agreement.

He googled it.  And it was the first email we got next morning.  But truth be told, I think he missed the bus.  By a mile.  By a bus mile.  The starting line of the googled article entitled Three Ancient Rivers Existed in Sahara 100,000 Years Ago was, “Simulating paleoclimates in the Sahara region, a team of researchers from Germany and United Kingdom has found evidence of three major river systems that likely existed in North Africa about 130,000 – 100,000 years ago, but are now largely buried by dune systems in the desert.”  The synonym of simulating is modeling?  That antonym is “be real”.  So how could simulating a give us historically real facts?

At some point the email degenerated – how this happens, I do not know....
Underground lakes in the Sahara, covered by sand?  How did that first start off?
The lake crept under the sand?

I’ve seen that Thompson Holidays are already organising boat trips across the Sahara…

That’s actually a good  holiday plan

Do you have plans for holidays this year?
Yes, I’m going on a cruise
Cool, where?
Chad ;-)

On the #SaharaSea.  Biggest beach you ever saw! 

image; http://www.thecoolist.com/

Change? Heck yessss!

Change – just for the sake of change.  Please.  It is a must that you change.  You must to change. Please do not stay the same.   Just change.  For no reason. 

Sameness is boring and monotonous.  Sameness is flat and tepid.  Complacent and self satisfied. Mediocre and average.  Sameness is dull and lame.  Tedious and boring.  Did I say boring again?

Sameness is the death of thought.  The death of life.

Change is life.  My life, my future can never be my history.  My past is gone, my future appearing, and change is the link.

Make a little movement every day.  Like exercise.  It is healthy.  Move a little - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, somethingly.

Maybe something might happen.  Maybe nothing will happen. 

Some say that I should never change for the sake of change.  That there has to be a reason for each and every single change I make, or in me. 

What if the reason is never evident?  Never going to become evident?   Never going to reveal itself?  Never makes itself known to me?  If I never move.  And I stay where I am, as I am?  For the rest of my days?  Never knowing the reason?

If I change, and something happens, then the reason was lurking there all along waiting to become.  And it would not have become, if I had waited for it to show itself before I changed.  I had to change for it be.  I had to change for it to come. To become.

That is why changing only for a reason, makes no sense to me.   That is why changing for no reason, makes sense to me.  Change and then let the reason be apparent.

I know that if I stay too long in one place, I retard, regress, self degenerate.  Become foolish.

I know that sometimes those with detailed change plans, with the what-ifs, what-nots and fall-back-points all sorted out, sometimes just never get there.  Playing it safe.  Getting frustrated. 

But those of us, who change just for the sake of change, shake ourselves up, get the blood flowing and ideas popping, have delightful delicious journeys and amazing eureka destinations.

Sometimes though, I do change for a reason.  Heck yesss!!

Our fathers valued change for the sake of its results; we value it in the act.
Alice Meynell

images; http://www.managingamericans.com/ http://artisticallyafflicted.com/