Monday, 17 November 2014

Their greatest fear

Their greatest fear is not that they are inadequate.  Their greatest fear is that you are powerful beyond   

That is why they put you down.  Never put in a good word for you.  Never offer you the job.  Never give you the promotion.  Never get you the pay rise.  Never want to see you move on up [to the deluxe apartment in the sky].

That is why they gloat over your mistakes.  Discourage you.  Drain you. 

That is why they must keep you down.  Enslaved. 

Desperate actions against you.  Or inaction for you.

They see that you are “brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous”.  They pray you never find this out.  That you live a life aborted of achievement. Devoid of fulfillment of purpose. 

Their fear warped logic dictates that your success takes from them.  Your accomplishment reduce them.  Your achievements diminish them.  Your capabilities highlight their inadequacies.  Their insecurities.

They believe that to make something of themselves, they must project their fears on you.  The worse off you are, the better they can look, without having to do anything for themselves.  Your lack is their gain?  Thinking that by keeping you from what is yours, adds to their potion.

They win if you do not know that you are powerful.  They win if you pander to their fear.  If you claim it.  Personalize it. Inhabit it. Their fear.

When you find out that you awesome.  That all they have told you and shown you is lies.  And you see them for what they are.  Their fear will become real.  Before your eyes.

They do it now because you do not see two things.  One, their fear.  Two, that you are powerful. 
You are blind. You are confused.  You wonder as you wander, what is it?  Why are things not working out for me?  What always goes wrong?

They pray you never see it.  Never come out from their darkness into your sunlight.  They ask themselves, who is she that she to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

You are!  Powerful beyond their measure!!

They must not shrink the world for you.  They cannot shrink you.  They cannot make you small.  So that they appear large.

Grow.  Explode.  Burst out.  Step into your own.  Your territory.  Claim the preordained.

Gather their fears.  That have bound you.  Stare them in the face.  Draw them close.  Inhale them.  Breath them.  Know them.  And take them over the edge with you.  Into your destined purpose.

You can free them, as you free yourself.  For as you soar, they too might, just might, liberate themselves.  Or maybe not. Crash and burn.  The choice is theirs.