Monday, 23 December 2013

The brain inside the head of the "head of household"

We cannot over emphasise the importance of the man being the head of the home. The wife needs to understand this, and abide by it.  It is reiterated in the Bible, "the head of a wife is her husband" for it is not permitted for "a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet".

It is an undisputed fact, the man is the head of the home.  This was reiterated to a couple whose nuptials we celebrated this weekend.  Underline that, capitalise,  largest font it, bold it, red it, italicize it, highlight it. 


Most women want men who are head of household.  They want a man of strength, who knows what he wants and who does what he should.

Husband, being the head of the household, does not give you license to be rude, arrogant or abusive.  In effect it mandates you to love your wife sacrificially, just like Christ laid down his life for the church.  A woman loved in this manner will "do him good, and not harm, all the days of her life", and will "submit herself into her husband."

Wife, head of household has nothing to do with education and the paycheck.  It has to do with stewardship, wisdom and plain common sense.

Husband and wife, there can only be one head.  Just like in an incorporated company, if there is a leadership struggle, resources are wasted on the infighting, direction is lost and the purpose, which is to increase shareholder value is not achieved.  When two marry - man and woman, they become one, and dual leadership and power struggles will not add value to the relationship.

Some say, "the wife is the neck, the neck controls and supports the head!"  On Saturday, we were told "the brain inside the head of household is the woman's!"

Which means if the man is the true head of the household, the woman has a good head.  And if your man is unable or unwilling to be the head of household, basically my dear wife - you have something to do with it.  I will add a caveat; at least in some of the cases, for occasionally the man is just a gone case.